Monday, July 23, 2012

Wall of Fame

I love old family photos.  They don't even have to be photos of my family.  Looking at old photos in a museum stirs up stories in my head. I wonder what the person was like and want to know their story.  I have created a Wall of Fame in the foyer of my home.  It helps personalize our home and serves as a visual family tree of sorts. It is definitely a conversation starter. My Wall of Fame is a work in progress, as the family grows so does the wall. This is a portion of the wall. The plaque in the middle says "Home -Where your story begins."

This could be an expensive project, if you purchased the frames at a retail store.  I have collected these frames as gifts, cast offs, and garage sales. My recent garage sale acquisition was five frames for $0.50.  How could I pass them up?

Once again I grabbed my favorite spray paint and went to work. I think the final product will be a nice addition to the wall.

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