Thursday, February 28, 2013

Listerine and Shaving Cream Foot Treatment

In case you did not know, I love finding new uses for everyday products that are in my home.  I found this on Pinterest about treating dry, cracked feet . I had to try this.  My February feet are a fright.  Sandal season is around the corner (even though it is currently snowing) and my feet were so bad I was embarrassed to get a pedicure.  I will spare you the before photo, because I value my readers and do not want you to stop visiting my blog.  :) 

The two magic ingredients Listerine and shaving cream.  I know it is hard to believe.

1.  Combine equal parts of Listerine and water (I used 1 cup of each) and pour over a hand towel in a wash basin.
2.  Rub the shaving cream onto your feet. Wrap your feet in the towel.

Notice my legs are about the same shade as the hand towel.  My husband pointed this out to me.

3.  Sit with feet wrapped for 30 minutes.  Your feet will feel warm and tingly.
4.  Unwrap feet and rub off shaving cream with the towel.  Apply lotion.   

My feet were so soft and felt incredible.  I have purchased many lotions and potions over the years and the results did not even come close to this treatment.  I think I may make this a weekly event.


  1. I did try this and believe it or not, this really worked. i plan on aking this a weekly treatment

  2. Do I place my feet in the bucket? Or my feet only wrapped?

  3. I placed them in the basin to avoid a mess. Either way should work.