Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gift Ideas

Today is my nephew's graduation party.  I hate giving money in a card as a gift, that just isn't creative enough.  I saw this great idea on my favorite site Pinterest and had to try it.

Of course I did not have an empty tissue box.  Last week I had three boxes that went in the trash, but that's another story.  Off to the store I went to buy tissues.  I removed the tissues from the box and saved them to insert in the empty box in the car.

I then taped the dollars together to fold and insert into the box.  My husband thought I was crazy. Sometimes he is right (but not always).

I inserted the money, taped the box and added ribbon and a gift tag that said "Congratulations!  Don't Blow It!"  So much better than a card with money. 

Gift card bouquets are also great gifts.  I recently made one for a sick friend.  Several friends contributed to the gift.  My friend and her family loved it.

The bouquet included her favorite gift cards, mini liquor bottles, candy, and money.  I taped the cards and other items to wooden skewers and inserted them into floral foam.  This should last longer than flowers and is practical if you a practical gift giver.  

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