Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jeni's Fabulous Fire Starters

My friend Jeni and her family are avid campers.  I am not a camper, but I do enjoy a good bonfire with a glass of wine and smores.  Jeni gave this recipe to me to share on my blog.  These fire starters are typically sold at campground stores for a couple of dollars a piece and Jeni was sure she could make her own with fabulous results. The fire starters will start fires easily without lighter fluid and will help start fairly wet logs.  More than likely you will have everything you need at home or you may have to start saving some things you normally throw in the trash.

Fire Starters

Toilet paper tubes or cardboard egg cartons
Dryer lint
Used candle wax (all those scraps in the bottom of your candle holders)

Melt the wax in a coffee can on the stove.

Stuff the toilet paper tubes with the dryer lint.

Tie string or twine around the toilet paper tubes. Holding the string, dip the tubes into the wax. 

Let dry on newspaper.

Store in a container until use. Set the starter under the logs, light the string or edge of tube and sit back and enjoy.

I think a canister of these fire starters would be a great gift for an avid camper or bonfire host.  If you start now you will have a stockpile by summer. 

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