Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make me an offer I can't refuse!

My unemployment checks ended two months ago and now I'm starting to feel the pain of not enough money in the budget.  I have been looking for employment during the past two years, but it is only recently that there seems to be positions which are a good fit for my experience.  Recruiters are starting to contact me so the economy must be improving.  I need to get back to work to have structure and purpose in my life.  I need to have contact with the outside world.  Being a housewife and stay at home mom is not always the best thing for self esteem.  I sometimes feel isolated and alone even though I may have had coffee or lunch with a friend.  It is hard to meet someone for the first time and tell them that you are not working.  It doesn't matter if it is your decision to stay at home or a corporate decision it is looked down on by most. However, most of the people who look down on me are working mothers.  Why is this?  Is it jealousy or resentment?  I am ready, willing and able, so bring on the opportunities.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sorry I have not posted in over a month. Life gets in the way when you don't prioritize, but I'm back.

We wanted to to get away for a quick spring break and decided to go to a hotel/water park for two days.  That was the first mistake.  One day was more than enough! I booked the room online and had the choice of a queen suite or a queen room for the same price.  I chose the suite, thinking it would be nice to have a little extra room, refrigerator and microwave.  We checked in and schlepped our luggage to our room and discovered it was a plain queen room.  Being a person who is not afraid to stick up for herself, I marched backed down to the lobby to make them aware of the mistake.  I was told that our queen room is considered a suite because it is located on the same floor as the suites.  What???  I told the clerk that this was misleading and deceptive and wanted to be compensated.  We were upgraded to a queen suite with bunk beds, so the girls were thrilled.  Later that evening we discovered a plumbing issue with the toilet.  Disaster was averted when the maintenance man replaced a faulty valve at 9:30pm.  We awoke at 7:00am to enjoy our complimentary full continental breakfast.  We walked down to the lobby and discovered a sign saying breakfast had been moved to the second floor pub. We go to the pub and find out that they no longer offer the complimentary full continental breakfast, but are offering it to those who know about it.  Did I mention you can still find mention of the complimentary full continental breakfast on the hotel website? All of these things could have made this awful trip a terrible experience, but actually it made it memorable.  We now have some funny stories to share and we made memories with our daughters and that is what it was all about.