Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY Dryer Sheets

I started a new job two weeks ago and although it is great to be back, I am still adjusting to the schedule.  One of the problem areas is laundry, not that it was running perfectly before the new job.  My laundry room is know as the laundry dungeon.  Yes, it is in the basement and it's best feature is the laundry chute.  Actually, I do not think I would  ever want a first floor laundry.  Where would I hide all the dirty laundry and clothing that was hanging dry?   If you can make it through the laundry room that is piled with clothes, you will see the dryer. This is what the top of the dryer usually looks like.

 Most of the items were found in the dryer, money, Barbie clothing and Barbie shoes, unknown objects, stain removal guide, dryer lint (I am saving it for the fire starters), detergent, the Downey Fabric Softener Ball (that I always forget to put into the washer) and other laundry items.   I am currently out of dryer sheets.  Imagine my delight when I found something online for DIY dryer sheets that are reusable.

 Pour a cap full of liquid fabric softener into a bowl or rimmed plate.

 Take an old wash cloth and soak up the fabric softener.

Make sure the entire cloth is at least damp with fabric softener, but not dripping.

Hang until dry.

Add the dryer sheet to the dryer with the clean laundry.  It will last for several loads.  I recommend having several of these DIY Dryer Sheets on hand to store on top of your dryer with the other treasures..

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  1. good idea. others said to cut up sponges and store in plastic containers. like this idea better.