Monday, February 18, 2013

Wine Bottle Windchimes

Many months ago I started collecting wine and liquor bottles from friends and relatives after seeing some unique crafts on Pinterest using wine bottles.  I finally decided it was time to complete a couple of projects.  My husband threatening to put the bottles to the curb for the recycling truck may have possibly had something to do with completion of the project.  I was storing the bottles in "Garage Mahal" and obviously my husband feels the bottles have overstayed their welcome.

One of many boxes in "Garage Mahal".
No, I do not have a problem.  I did have some help.

 I removed all of the labels. You can see my post about adhesive remover.  It works like a charm.

I scored the bottles with my bottle cutter and then followed the directions dipping the bottle in boiling water for 5 seconds and then dipping in cold water for 5 seconds.

Sometimes the bottles just split exactly where they are scored and sometimes not so much. Notice that there are fewer bottles then when I started.

I strung the bottles together with nylon cord and wood beads.
I wish the sun had been shining for these photos.
This was the first wind chime I made this fall from a bottle of tequila.

I think a colorful bottle tree may appear in the garden this summer.  


  1. Hey, not bad! Cool idea! Do these wind chimes for sale make cool noises too?

  2. They have a delicate sound, but unfortunately it needs to be rather windy.