Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Talking Trash

Our trash was not picked up today, due to the significant snow fall Sunday evening and Monday morning.  This has somehow turned me into Tina Trashfinder.  I am one of those strange people that will run a piece of dental floss out to the curb on trash day as the garbage truck approaches the house.  However, give me an extra day to find trash and I suddenly find an extra 45 gallons of trash to haul away.  Somehow I achieve some sort of satisfaction knowing that every trash receptacle and recycling bin in my home is empty.  I know I'm not  the only person with this affliction, but I never see anyone else running to the curb with a used tissue in hand. Since I realized the trash was not going to be picked up until tomorrow, I have made four trips to the curb today and will probably make one more before the truck arrives tomorrow morning. I'm sure breakfast tomorrow will include emptying that cereal box into my bowl.

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