Sunday, February 6, 2011

Senior Moment

My Rustic Turtle Torte we enjoyed with the senior moment.

In an effort to be frugal, we often check out a DVD from our local library. This was the case between the holidays and we decided to share one of the movies with my parents on New Year's Eve, with the stipulation that they would return it to the library. The movie was due on January 4, but I received an e-mail notice from the library on January 11 that the DVD had not been returned. I promptly called my parents and asked them if they had returned the movie, the answer of course was "YES, we dropped it off at the library on January 2 after church".  Are you sure?  Did you check under the car seat? There must be some mix-up at the library because my parents are very responsible, so I start pleading my case with the library, sign an affidavit with witnesses that gives the library six months to locate the DVD and if they do not find it I cough up $26 to replace it.
Friday evening (February 4) - I have invited the family over to celebrate Mom's 65th Birthday. After settling in, my Dad asks me "whatever happened at the library with that missing DVD"?  I retell the story and my Dad finishes by telling me it should be resolved soon because they returned the movie this afternoon and starts laughing.  I think my jaw dropped to the floor as I just stood their in disbelief.  It seems my parents took their new vehicle in to the dealership for a seat belt recall and when they picked up the vehicle the DVD had magically appeared and was sitting on the seat. Looks like I have some fun years ahead of me as I start parenting my parents. Happy 65th Birthday Mom!

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