Monday, January 31, 2011

The Perfect Storm

I made my trip to the store today to make sure we had milk, bread, fresh fruit and beer in the house to ride out the storm. You need to make everyone happy. I already have several bottles of wine so I should be OK. Meijer was like a war zone.  Cars were parked out to the road like it was two days until Christmas and the same number of shoppers in the store, but not enough cashiers.  You would think that us Michigan folks had never seen snow.  I think the reason everyone was in the store is because no one eats at home anymore.  Most people hit the drive thru or curbside pick-up these days. It is so sad to me that many families don't sit down at the table and talk every night or have a family breakfast. Now we sit and wait with baited breath as the meteorologist tweaks the forecast every couple of hours and tells us this is the Perfect Storm.  I hate to admit it, but I love the anticipation of the storm and the family time it gives. I'm actually excited that my husband is using a leftover vacation day from 2010 and secretly hoping for two snow days for the girls and two feet of snow. Only 24 hours left until it starts!

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