Friday, February 15, 2013

Maid Wanted

The question from my nine year old daughter Jade this morning was "How old do I have to be to hire a maid"?  This was in response to my asking her to make her bed and clean her room.  Jade has always had an issue with cleaning.  Grandma and Grandpa bought her a pop-up book several years ago to explain the process.  It did not work.  Notice how the book is prominently displayed on her bookshelf with other junk.

  Jade has also made the proclamation that she only makes her bed on holidays.  I then went on the internet and found a website that lists several holidays for every day of the year.  This worked for several months, until she caught on to my sneaky trick.  Happy Flossing Day and Talk Like A Pirate Day are not widely celebrated.  This is typical bed making for Jade.  Do you see the pillows and stuffed animals that should be on top of the bed?  Notice the clean laundry that was supposed to be put away that is now either unfolded or mingling with dirty clothing.
Drawers are never closed and any horizontal surface is a place to pile her "treasures". These photos were not doctored for this blog.  This is a typical day of messiness.
In response to Jade's question about hiring a maid, I have told her that she can hire me to clean her room for the going rate of $10 per hour.  I felt that was a fair amount for the number of hours it will take.  Jade counter offered with $5 per hour.  I did inform her that minimum wage is currently $7.40 per hour.  We are still negotiating and I expect it will last until she leaves for college.

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