Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Me and My Readers

I have been nearsighted for over twenty years, but my latest appointment with the optometrist revealed that I am in need of reading glasses.  This was not a startling revelation, but a gradual change that I had suspected. This unwelcome change is one that comes with.... AGE.   My physician suggested that I invest in progressive lenses. This would allow me to perfect my vision without the hassle of two different pairs of glasses, but I was resistant.  I have only had to wear glasses while driving, wearing them all the time would be a drastic change for me.  So I opted for the $25 readers which are +1 magnification, which I thought would let me gradually get used to wearing glasses and I could delay the expensive purchase of progressive lenses until later in the year. Let's just say that things are not going as planned.  The readers are great for reading, but I definitely need them pushed down on my nose and I have to peer over the top of the frames like an old lady when I am not reading.  The glasses definitely make life interesting.  I have had a couple of moments that make me think I am wearing beer goggles instead of readers.  You know the feeling when you look up and things are blurred, you feel a little dizzy and you can't make out faces. These glasses are bringing back memories of youth, so maybe these glasses are a good thing. All the fun of beer goggles, without the calories. That would be a great marketing campaign to help 40-something soccer Moms and Dads recapture their youth.  I am starting to see my world differently, hopefully it will be like seeing the world through rose colored glasses.

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